Thursday, June 13, 2024



Pelosi’s visit: The hegemon which has gone rogue

Those who used Pearl Harbour to drop atom bombs on Japan, are acting coy on what’s-the-big-deal if the old lady Nancy Pelosi has visited...

Mass shootings in US are simple to understand but difficult to change

What is the deeper reason behind what appears to be a sudden spike in the number of random and/or mass shooting episodes in Umrika...

Secret visit by US Indo-Pacific Command intel officer to Taiwan soars temperature

It isn’t as if high-level US officials have never visited Taiwan before. There are instances of Keith Krach (US under-secretary of state) and Alex...

Taiwan and the sobering prospects of Joe Biden in White House

In late 2011, Tsai Ing-wen, a presidential candidate in Taiwan, met with two Obama administration officials in Washington, a customary step for office-seekers on...

Thank god China is only protesting against Taiwan in India; In Fiji they take matters into hands

Indian media ought to be grateful that their response to Taiwan’s National Day early this month was only met by pre-emptive warnings and angry...

India could be seeking formal trade deal with Taiwan, says report

India could be seeking a formal trade deal with Taiwan as the support with the Union cabinet is growing, as per a report in...


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