Sushil Kumar: No less feared on mat as dreaded outside it

Shantanu Guha Ray

3rd June 2021
A double Olympic medallist, former World Champion is in the news. But not for making a comeback. Sushil Kumar, the man they say revived wrestling, making it an...

Accused claims the Hathras victim was grievously injured by her family only

8th October 2020
The four accused in the Hathras tragedy, in a letter to the Superintendent of Police, have pleaded innocence and claimed that it was the victim’s family who had...

India Today confirms the leaked audio is genuine; yet defends its reporter

Newsbred Staff

3rd October 2020
India Today has confessed that the leaked audio in which a reporter of theirs is seen “schooling” the brother of the Hathras victim is genuine.

Hathras case: India Today scribe “schools” victim’s brother in a shocking “audio” leak

Newsbred Staff

2nd October 2020
A telephonic conversation between a India Today journalist and the brother of the deceased Hathras victim, Sandeep has been accessed which is extremely damaging...

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