Taiwan has gone without a Covid-19 case for 200 days: Let that sink in

Newsbred Staff

31st October 2020
Taiwan has 23 million people, a figure close to Australia's. And it hasn't a single Covid-19 case to report in the last 200 days. That’s over six months. A spell...

14-year-old Indian American awarded $25,000 for potential Covid-19 drug

Deepika Anjna

19th October 2020
Anika Chebrolu, an Indian-American teenager from Texas won an award of $25,000 in the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge for her work on a potential drug to treat...

“Coronavirus is a Wuhan Virus,” claims an insider virologist

Deepika Anjna

13th September 2020
Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist has claimed that she can prove that Coronavirus was manufactured in a lab, and before this, she had also claimed that WHO and China were...

Covid-19: Why China can’t shut down its “wet markets” despite outcry

Ashish Shukla

7th May 2020
There is a chorus around the world that it’s “wet markets” of China which has sunk the world through Covid-19 pandemic but closing them is easier said...

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