Thursday, June 13, 2024



Liquor sale in Delhi: Tippler gets his tipple but who really loses out?

The sale of liquor in Delhi was privatised a few months ago, from a mixed government and private model to a purely private version,...

PM: Centre takes over vaccine supply for 18+ to States again; Free ration for 80 crores till Deeepawali

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi today announced that as it happened before May 1, 2021 thus again from June 21, 2021 Centre would provide...

Justice Chandrachud and others, IMHO, have taken a myopic view on vaccination

The Supreme Court, Justice DK Chandrachud and others, have placed the muck on Centre’s door on vaccination. The only thing they haven’t asked the...

Are you a Wannabe Climate-Activist? I’m sorry there is this little matter you need to answer yourself

Lets say you are an Indian climate-activist. Or that you want to do all you could to save humanity from its so-called existential threat. Here’s...

Sonia Gandhi asks Congress-ruled states to nullify Farmers’ Acts

Sonia Gandhi has advised the Congress-ruled states to introduce another bill to nullify the recent enacted Agricultural bills. While citing Article 254(2), Mrs. Gandhi...

Supreme Court could leave the dissenting states red-faced on Citizenship Act

India’s Supreme Court is likely to crack the whip on Wednesday on a few dissenting states who have raised the banner of revolt against...


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