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India has never needed more youth in uniform than now

We had a 4-year training period, straight out of school at the age of 15/16/17, 2 years on the training ship as “officer cadets”...

Actor Prakash Raj slaps a man for speaking in Hindi!

Actor Prakash Raj slapped a man for speaking in Hindi. Well this a reel-life incident in his latest movie “Jai Bhim” but you get...

How Christian missionaries appropriate Hindu religion for conversions

The Christian missionaries had converted thousands of Hindus by spending crores of rupees for decades in India. It continues to do so in the...

One state where Britishers created colonial clubs but could never own them up

Colonial era Clubs in Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu as well as adjoining areas are in a class by themselves.  To start with, they...

HINDI: In conversation with Mahatma Gandhi

I conversed with Mahatma Gandhi in dreams last night. I was in heaven with a collection of his thoughts and words—“India Of My Dreams”—and...


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