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India has many more farmers than of wheat, paddy and sugarcane kind alone

What does this repeal of Farm Laws mean to the fishing agriculture persons? Nothing. They, too, are farmers. What does this mean to the huge...

Stubble-burning: Why it’s an issue which has defied solution?

Why everyone is so helpless on stubble-burning which engulfs Delhi with its murderous air every winter?  I have chosen the word murderous with some responsibility...

After record buy, Yogi says to farmers: Keep bringing wheat for sale as long as you want

Another feather in Yogi Adityanath’s crown: The Uttar Pradesh government has broken its own record of procuring wheat this season by purchasing 53.80 lakh...

Farmers have already lost this game: The only option left is violence

Farmers want trouble. They now even don’t want MSP or APMC. Let’s say there are two sets of demands of farmers: One concerns MSP and...

If Modi’s Centre agrees on MSP, it would be betrayal of India and its farmers

Most of us know that the fate of farmers’ agitation depends if the Centre agrees to their guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP) demand on...


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