Saturday, December 4, 2021


Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik’s Islamic foundation banned for five more years

The Union Home Ministry has extended the ban imposed on Zakir Naik's Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) for five years as it “have the potential...

New York Times and its’ factory of lies knows no stopping

New York Times (NYT) is topping the charts of India-haters and if facts are the essence of journalism, it stares at an unprecedented credibility...

Not just Pakistan, there is another country which makes India lose its cool

If there is one country besides Pakistan which draws hiss and roar from India, it is Turkey and a series of unprecedented measures by...

For god’s sake, stop this my Twinkle and your Asifa nonsense

Some crimes shake the conscience of the nation: Like the one of Twinkle in Aligarh. Or Asifa in Kathua, Jammu. Millions of Indians mourn such...

Why Lanka terror holds such an important message for Indian Muslims

You might be aware of details but they bear a recount before I stress that reformation of Islam can no longer be swept under...


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