Thursday, February 29, 2024

The joke that Russia is not a “peer military” to US-NATO is on us only!

Everything that we read on Russia-Ukraine thing is meant to brainwash and delude us.

We are told that Russia is “not a peer military to the US” or even smaller NATO forces. And Russia “isn’t even a second tier military power.”

Well the maps don’t lie.

The Russians control Kherson at the bottom; Zaporizhzhia in the middle; and Donetsk, Mariupol and Luhansk complete the near-length of 1,800 km border it shares with Ukraine (see map below). 

The fake news is built on the premise that it’s over six month to Russia’s SMO (Special Military Operation) and yet they are nowhere near to closing out on Ukraine. 

The truth is they withdrew from Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy and Karkiv to drag the Ukrainian forces away from the civilians in the big metropolitan cities. Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu said as much in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) recently: “We strictly comply with humanitarian law during the special operation…every effort is being done to prevent civilian casualties. It certainly slows down the advance but we do it consciously.”

That we didn’t get to read it is another though quite a predictable matter. 

A country which carries the hypersonic business cards could’ve flattened Kiev months ago. 

And lest you believe that Ukrainians successfully defended the Capital, the truth is it was the Russians who withdrew after their “feint” on Kiev fooled the Ukrainians—and NATO—in leaving its borders in the south of Ukraine unprepared. 

This was mentioned in a magazine no less reputed than Marine Corps Gazette from the United States—though again you don’t expect our New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic or Council on Foreign Relations to bring us the ugly truth. 

Twitter too carried it but the shameless Western media won’t pick it up lest their house of fake cards crumbles. 

The piece explains the early Russian move towards Kiev as a feint. It sent over a lakh Ukrainian soldiers scrambling towards the Capital in its defense allowing the Russian troops from Crimea to move in unopposed and link the island with a land bridge to the Donbas. Alongside, a big presence in Kherson, on the west of Dnieper, was established. 

Russia, in control of south and east, could thus inflict massive damage on Ukrainian forces. 

The Casualty on Casualties

We then read quite regularly that while Ukraine has lost some 8,000-9,000 troops the Russian casualties are mounting upwards of 80,000. 

Now analysts are unanimous that Russia is firing 10,000 artillery shells on an average in a day, down from a peak of 20,000 when the campaign to claim Luhansk was at full throttle. 

So, 10,000-20,000 rounds per day implies nearly 500,000 rounds per month by the Russians. The Ukrainian counter ratio of fire is 100 to 1. So who is going to believe the absurd figures we come to read in our media?

It simply doesn’t add up. 

Russia’s plan all along has been to minimize civilian casualties and demilitarise Ukraine. 

Russia has been slow for a reason: Ukraine, on the other hand, has almost been flattened on infrastructure; suffered massive casualties and towns and cities have been surrendered. Airfields, depots, fortified areas and defense industry sites have been crippled. Millions have flown across the border. The economy has tanked. It needed the goodwill of its arch enemy to be able to export grain across its borders. 

Russia, once in full control of Donbas, would benefit from its enormous land, natural resources and industrial power. They would then secure Nikolaev, Odessa and Kharkov. They have been highly organized, disciplined and patient on the mission. For all we know, they might play a new card in the winter whose footsteps we could hear. 

Where the Russians can’t beat the West is in the propaganda war. The latter are masters in manufacturing illusions across all pipelines of information which reach us. To the extent that even in this dire moment when the West is unravelling, it’s been able to thump its chest in triumph and worse, make us believe it too. 

The truth is the days of land wars are over. At least in States of some size. Since Iraq, 20 years ago, the science on war has taken a quantum leap. Vietnam and Afghanistan were no aberrations.

And nobody wins a nuclear war. 

So what’s happening here? Well, the military industry is fattening itself which has governments in compliance. Lives lost matter little. Masses are powerless, would remain powerless, since the institutions ignore them with contempt. You could have your demonstrations but little changes on the surface. Meanwhile shameless media would keep lining their pockets from powers and we the powerless. 

Disgusted? Well, I am. 

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