Thursday, May 30, 2024

Turkey shoots itself in foot

The official statement of Turkey on downing the Russian fighter jet on Tuesday has left them with no place to hide—much to the embarrassment of its daddies sitting in Washington and Brussels.

Turkey has claimed that the Russian fighter jet SU-24 was in Turkey’s airspace for 17 seconds but was travelling at a speed of only “1.15 miles,”—implying that it was flying at a stalled speed! At that speed, SU-24 just can’t keep itself afloat.

Turkey compounded its mistake in its explanation to the UN Security Council. The official letter states:

“the morning (24 November) 2 SU-24 planes, the nationality of which are unknown, approached Turkish national airspace…”

Thus Turkey acknowledges that the fighter jet was SU-24 but claims its ignorance on its nationality. Are we to believe that Turkey would have still shot down the plane, unknown of its nationality, even if it was one of United States or Israel?

Since by its own admission, Turkey acknowledges its airspace was violated for only 17 seconds there is every reason to believe that Turkey had made an advanced preparation for such an action. In that case, it’s difficult to believe they hadn’t taken either Pentagon or NATO into confidence.

Turkey has further tied itself in knots as Russia has avoided the bait of a retaliatory action, knowing pretty well that NATO and US would then have a reason to spring to Turkey’s defence and declare a war.

Instead, Russia has taken enough measures to push Turkey into a pigeonhole. 

Russia now has a system in place inside the Syrian territory at border with Turkey where sky could be lit up to spot any transgression of airspace. Russia, who is in Syria at the legal invitation of Assad’s government, could then shoot down any plane with its missiles. That would make Turkey’s pilots wary.

Russia is also defending Syria’s coastline which implies that it could capture or sink a Turkish ship were it to enter the Syrian waters—or for that matter Russian waters in the Black Sea which borders both Russia and Turkey.

Russia could also inflict damage on Turkey by providing aid to Kurdish rebels in both Syria and in Turkey who are fighting against the Turkish forces.

Russia has cleverly gauged the pulse if European powers who don’t want a direct confrontation with Russia. US wouldn’t mind such a face-off but the theatre of war is likely to be Europe and the latter is too stung by two World Wars and its’ sinking economy to invite a war upon itself.  If US were to push its European associates into such a misadventure, it could lead to a heightened anti-American feeling among key NATO nations such as Germany, Britain, Italy and France.

Russia could also bring about a diversionary tactics by invoking its friend China’s help. If they pick up a fight in western Pacific sea, the South China Sea crosscurrents, than US would be forced to shift its forces to Asia from Europe and the Middle East.

Meanwhile the Western media in its rant of experts and analysts is ignoring the most basic questions.  Most of these experts on television aren’t tired of stating that Russia is attacking everyone except Islamic State (IS). But how could it be since the US general in the region has recently confessed to the Congress that only “4-5 of our trained rebels remain” in Syria and Iraq?

The media isn’t tired of claiming that refugees are fleeing brutal Assad—and not IS which cuts out rivals’ hearts and eat it too; which chops off people’s heads and indulge in most barbaric of acts.

There is little play in Western media to the fact that a former head of the Pentagon Defence Intelligence Agency has acknowledged US responsibility for IS creation.

If World War III was to break out, the role of a culpable media would be recorded in unflattering terms in history.  In their failure to censure guilty governments or ensure that right information reaches the public, the media would be equally guilty in causing an apocalypse.

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