Friday, June 21, 2024

Why West would never supply its best weaponry to Ukraine

Has it crossed your mind that in today’s time when wars could actually be televised, we have had no such instances emerging from Ukraine. 

There are few horrific images, few fleeing populace, fewer ruins even though the Conflict has lasted for over a year now and the casualties could soon near the figures of World War I. 

We keep hearing about the Ukraine counter-offensive, that the delay is because of unusual rains and many feet deep mud on which little could move. 

The trouble is where could Ukraine strike? 

In Crimea or would they take on the four-five layered defensive Russian positions along a thousand km long border on the eastern side?

We have regular instances of Russian fighter planes moving over the eastern frontline and dropping 500kg glide bombs at will which proves that Ukraine has no Air Defense System (ADS) worth its name. 

We keep hearing about Ukraine summoning its reserves and its fighting prowess being boosted by the European and NATO weaponry but how do you move them when all the time you are in the prying range of Russian missiles? 

The moment you move them, cobble them together, you open yourself to hell from the sky and at best you could have a window of 24-36 hours. 

Yes, Ukraine has about 35 units of HIMARS rocket launchers but are there enough missiles to spread it over a 1000km?

How do you amass fuel and ammunition? How to position forces, if they are of considerable numbers, secretly? 

If you lose fuel, weaponry, transport, reserves in big numbers in first two or three days,  how do you adjust your counter-offensive on the go? Which trench, tunnel or bunker would be able to protect the Ukrainian soldiers? 

The entire Ukraine movement depends on rail and roads. Do you think they are out of bounds for the Russians? 

We are talking of the unfortunate country without air defense, tank forces, little artillery and missiles, crippled electric grid and rail network destroyed. 

We are talking of a country who would never be supplied by the US/NATO’s best weaponry—for the fear if the Russians were to make a spectacle out of them, no other importing country would touch them with a barge pole even as they would line up for what the Russians could offer. 

Yet Zelensky and his generals would need to do something to keep bloating the 158 billion dollars of aid in all forms they have already received. Without any tangible show on the ground, the Western populace would ask for accountability from their governments; opposition would go shrill and sinful media would run out of its sinister manipulation. 

The trouble is, the moment Ukrainians launch something silly, it would be the end of it for the Russians would cast off all the restraint they have shown thus far in ensuring few civilian casualties. It would leave no Ukrainian soldier left standing. 

Be sure, US/NATO are running out of options, they won’t replace the Ukrainian men with their own, for talk is cheap. Why, we even have Henry Kissinger suggesting that the peace talks could begin before the year is out. 

But a lot would happen before it comes to that stage. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has already declared they are in no mood to discuss peace with the puppet (Zelensky) and would rather hear from his masters (US/NATO) only.  

Zelensky would either fall to his own generals or flee, the government eliminated and stripped of the fiction built all these months. These war criminals would be at each other’s throats. 

Zelensky would go down in history as a leader who lost his entire army, his country, for greed and hatred blinded him as he played into the hands of his masters. 

Poles would keep vowing to come to assistance of the Ukrainians but who would they help when none are left? 

Not that masters haven’t suffered incalculable disaster. 

Dollar is fast losing its sheen and without this fake currency, the US hegemony would disappear overnight. 

Ties are forged, trade is being conducted in local currencies, BRICS and SCOs are beginning to amass the critical mass and the West Asia is primed to step into a life without the US. 

All that the US has done is to  reverse the gains they made through Nixon and Kissinger in 1972 to take China away from the orbit of Soviet Union. Now, Beijing and Moscow are blood brothers.  

Sooner than later, the US would abandon Ukraine, and move on to their next project, possibly Taiwan. Nobody would question what happened to the poor country as nobody does today about Afghanistan or its infra. 

We now know the truth of the world’s finest fighting force the world has ever seen. It can’t fight a sustained war; while we witness the Russian War Machine is unflagging still keeping a light hand without unleashing its full fury. 

History tells us that it’s fatal to assume Russians are weak; that they are running out of men or machines; on ground, in sky or under water. 

The truth is the US or NATO bluff has been called out. Russia stays strong, despite sanctions, despite bombing its Nord Stream, despite the whole gamut of trickery and sorcery the West and its vassals and puppet media have unleashed. 

Now is the turn of assassinations and terrorist attacks on civilians, to cause panic, in the vain hope of a regime change in Kremlin. Brace up for it in the coming days for the Hegemon won’t let go its hold of a century to go up in smoke. 

Don’t delude yourself that Ukraine is still in the game. It’s game, set and match to Russia. All we await is who is the next Ukraine, the West would move on its chessboard to checkmate Russia and China. 

Some, you see, are not genetically wired to see the writing on the wall. 

Prudence has never been a gift to the bullies. 

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