Kashmiri Pandits stop Abdullah from entering temple

15th June 2019

15th June 2019

Farooq Abdullah heckled by Kashmir Pandits

Displaced Kashmiri pandits on their annual visit to Jyestha Devi temple in Kashmir valley, vented their anger and heckled National Conference president and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, who come on annual pilgrimage to visit the temple. Preventing Abdullah from entering the temple by humanly blocking his way, he was booed, jeered and raised slogans were raised against him as well as those which praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

Holding Farooq Abdullah responsible for the plight of Kashmiri pandits, they accused the former chief minister for their mass exodus from the valley, virtually a status of refugee in their own country.

Situated near the southern tip of Dal lake, Jyestha Devi temple holds a place of deep reverence for Kashmiri pandits. As per mythological fable, Lord Shiva, with his divine force created Goddess Jyeshta Devi and Vira Vaitala with powers to annihilate all the Asuras and free goddess Lakshmi from their captivity. Upon accomplishment of the task, Lord Shiva by his grace bestowed both of them with the power of protection and upliftment of mankind. 

Reminding Abdullah of his remarks during election campaigning in Kashmir, Ashwani Chrangoo, chief of Panun Kashmir, a frontal organization of Hindus, said his statements regarding secularism, communalism, Article 370, are a result of "frustration". "The Kashmiri Pandit community was subjected to social exclusion, political marginalization and economic squeeze during the National Conference-Congress rule in the state," Chrangroo alleged.

The protesters accused Abdullah of maintaining double standards and all his talk of ‘secularism’ is a sham. “If you are so concerned about secularism, why did not you do something about our safe return,” shouted a protester. One protester confronted Abdullah by saying, “Kashmiri Pandits are natives of Kashmir. Farooq is neither our representative nor that of Kashmiris at large."

Farooq Abdullah reportedly wanted to enter the Jyestha Devi temple. Sources said he was forced to leave the temple without offering prayers. He tried to pacify the people but failed.


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