Lutyens Media once again ignore a Hindu victim

25th June 2019

25th June 2019

Bharat Yadav the victim and his lassi shop

The killing of Bharat Yadav by a mob of Muslims in Mathura was trending big on twitter today though those who rely on English mainstream media for their news would know nothing about it.

These readers of English dailies though would know everything there is to know about Tabrez Ansari, a thief who was killed by a mob in a village in Jharkhand last week.

While English dailies are full about Tabrez Ansari and have painted the town red that the unfortunate victim was made to utter “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”, there is a deathly silence on Yadav’s killing and the fact that he was repeatedly abused as “kafir (infidel)” by the murderous group of Muslim boys.

There can be no justification on the killing of Tabrez Ansari. He was caught stealing and when confronted, he and his accomplice accepted that they had valuables looted from other villages and households in their possession. This happened on the night of June 18 at Dhatkidih village in Sarakela Kharsawan district of Jharkhand. Tabrez later succumbed to the injuries.

Bharat Yadav was owner of a lassi shop in Chowk Bazaar, Mathura, He and his brother Pankaj were visited by a group of 8-10 Muslim boys, wanting to break ‘Roza’ on the fateful evening of May 18. Later, on being asked to pay, these boys started abusing the Yadav brothers. It is alleged by the witnesses that a lady in burqa, who had come along with the boys, instigated them. They all went away only to return about an hour later with a mob consisting of 25 people.  

While the brothers were beaten, the eye-witnesses said any person coming to their rescue was also beaten mercilessly. Said an eye-witness, who has a shop in the same market, “the attackers hurled abuses, taunted with ‘kaafir’ remarks and beat the brothers for about half an hour with rods, sticks and hammer.”

The police personnel stationed at the market, eyewitnesses allege, escaped from the scene of crime. The locals also allege that later police arrested a few members of attackers, but have since released them. A demonstration by the shopkeepers, after death of Bharat on May 23, compelled police to arrest two culprits Hanif and Shahrukh, while the main perpetrators namely Sajid, Arshad and Sohail are absconding.  

There are instances galore when Lutyens Media go hammer and tongs on crime committed against Muslims but when Hindus are victims, they bury the story altogether.  Such was one case of Dhruv Tyagi who was killed by Muslim eve-teasers who had passed lewd comments on his daughter in the Capital last month. It made Kapil Mishra, activist and former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, lead a demonstration on the Capital’s streets. Mishra had then said: “This is the fourth such case in Delhi NCR which has been ignored by media…Hindus are being treated as second class citizen in India.”

Thanks to social media, the agenda of Lutyens Media which by and large is anti-BJP, and thus anti-Hindu, has largely been exposed.


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