Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

Has SC used different yardsticks for Vinod Dua than it used for Arnab Goswami or Amish Devgan ?

Supreme Court of India is facing flak on social media today.  It has quashed the FIR registered by Himachal Pradesh police against journalist Vinod Dua...

Who are the Right Wing voices you admire most in our public domain?

It’s difficult. You see right-wingers are as high-nosed as anyone who is first among equals. A little like the elites they criticize. They ought...

Editors’ Guild and fake concern on ‘Freedom of Press’

Editors Guild of India and Press Council of India (PCI) are nowhere to be seen or heard as the Meghalaya High Court imposed a...

Official Secrets Act: Fake equivalence of Bofors with Rafale

English mainstream media is out of breath on the threat of Official Secrets Act being invoked against The Hindu and ANI, and lawyer Prashant...

N. Ram has to come clean on the ‘cropped page’ scandal

N. Ram, chairman of The Hindu, can’t bury his head in the sand and forget that his butt is in the air and open...


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