Thursday, May 23, 2024


Ayodhya dispute

Tax Reforms: All cheer but for Indian Express and The Hindu

The corporate tax reforms of Friday are seen as the biggest in India since 1991 when India opened up its gates to the global...

Rahul Gandhi must confront Hegde on ‘Muslim’ remarks

I am amazed that neither Congress party nor Rahul Gandhi; nor for that matter a shrill Lutyens Media has taken up Union Minister Ananth...

Ayodhya case: Now the fake charade of ‘title dispute’ has begun

Ever so subtly, an attempt has been made today to stress that the title of the land, and not religious sentiment, should guide the...

Why Muslim petitioners won’t give up on Ayodhya dispute

Why Muslims don’t want to give up on the Ayodhya issue? Well, Hindu bodies also don’t want to do so for obvious reasons but...

Not Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as per The Hindu and Indian Express

There is a massive heart-burning in The Hindu and Indian Express today on the appointment of spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by Supreme Court as one of...


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