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The sham “truce” and the Iran Question

This Israel-Hamas “temporary truce” is such a sham.  All it does is to make Israel and the United States appear “generous” and “humanitarian” while still...

Why Palestine doesn’t matter enough to Arab leaders 

History is a mess created by a few…repaid by generations.  This is not the routine usury of principal and interest, debt or credit.  It’s millions of...

India-Canada feud: Now to trust IMEC corridor is being naive!


The Hegemon’s bluff in West Asia isn’t fooling New Delhi

The United States never had it as bad in West Asia since World War II as it is these days.  Syria was admitted this week...

China-Russia-Iran would be more in the eye of West—and so could be India

Below could be a help in what you did and what you didn’t read from the SCO Summit in Samarkand (September 15-16, 2022) this...

Time to look at world map and the Ukraine War you missed

Time to tell a few things your favourite media doesn’t tell you.  Did you miss the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wanting to speak...

G7 launch a $600 billion infra plan to counter China’s BRI

G7 leaders have launched a $600 billion infrastructure plan to fund projects in developing countries over the next five years. Under the Partnership for Global...

The other “Ukraines” which are unfolding to humanity’s misfortune

Let’s say the United States would never be happy if China and Russia gain ground in Eurasia which is the lifeline for Washington.  All the...

The New Cold War isn’t just about the two Superpowers

It is easy to understand both India and Russia won’t like to be too dependent on either the United States or China who battle...

Europe has bitten off more than it could chew on Russia

(The first part, explaining why the world is not with the West on Sanctions against Russia could be read here).  What do Europe stands to...


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