Sunday, December 5, 2021



Sorry Bollywood; All you have done is to let Courts examine the can of your own worms

Readers, I promise you this piece won’t be insinuating. Facts and logic alone would be my guide. As it would be for our honourable...

Andhra is in the midst of a silent revolution which needs our attention

These are times of counting losses. Growth is stunted; consumption has withered; the rulers and the ruled at the two sides of divide are...

Delhi voters cruel lesson: Freebies are not governance

The unfolding Corona pandemic disaster in India’s capital Delhi is a reminder to voters that freebies aren’t the yardstick to elect a government. Just before...

Indian Express unearths new ‘star’ to peddle agenda on J & K

Indian Express is going to length to find voices which could question the Centre on its fiat on Jammu & Kashmir, notably on constitutional,...

Centre rushes forces to Assam; all eyes on NRC draft

Centre has rushed tens of thousands of paramilitary forces to Assam lest violence breaks out in the north-eastern state after the second draft of National Register...


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