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This BRICS could be a pivotal moment of century

The upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa (August 22-24) could be a pivotal moment of this century.  No, they are not dumping dollar. Nor would...

Niger: Another war theatre between the West & Russia opens up

Niger probably is vague in your mind.  It’s in West Africa, has just undergone a coup, and is facing an invasion this Sunday from ECOWAS...

What has changed at Visa Centre: And find out where you fit in

A day at a visa centre. Many days at a visa centre. At New Delhi, India. From getting a rubber stamp as a routine...

India’s nerves of steel on Russia would again be put to test this week

It would tire you just to know who all are coming to New Delhi from Europe this week.  Most of these countries you can’t locate...

Israel ditches the dollar for the Chinese renminbi

Israel ditches the dollar for the Chinese renminbi and Beijing begins to quietly acquire Russian energy assets. The underpinnings of the global monetary system continue...

Europe has bitten off more than it could chew on Russia

(The first part, explaining why the world is not with the West on Sanctions against Russia could be read here).  What do Europe stands to...

Greek bailout is not a ‘done’ thing yet

The third international bailout of Greece isn’t a done thing yet even though a credit line of 900 million euro has been forwarded by...


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