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Europe has bitten off more than it could chew on Russia

(The first part, explaining why the world is not with the West on Sanctions against Russia could be read here). 

What do Europe stands to lose if Russia turns off its gas supply?

In simple terms, Europe would have a blackout. 

Homes would go without power; residents would freeze like pudding does in a referigerator; roads would be dark; its cars, offices, machines, factories etc would come to a staggering halt. The aeroplanes would be marooned on runways like pretty toys for tiny tots by their bedside. Power cuts up to half a day would be a daily affair. 

And that’s because the European Union, making up of 27 nations, powered  by Germany—what is Euro but Deutsche mark in essence—is 40% dependent on Russia for its energy needs. 

Germany gets half its gas, a third of its coal and a quarter of its oil from Russia. 

And that’s not all. 

Europe can’t do without the raw materials that Russia produces. 

You need Palladium for catalytic converters; Titanium for basic screws without which aeroplanes can’t fly; the Neons and Cryptons that are essential components in electronics, computers and thus the lifeline we call Information Technology. All such stuff which is non-oil but essential raw materials, from neon to palladium to titanium to nickel to aluminium etc. 

And what about all those investments which you eye from China like a kid does to a candy bar?

The United States could make all the noise that it would replace Russia as energy-provider to Europe in a year and a half, that it would provide its allies with liquified natural gas, but its day-dreaming at best; pulling a wool over its people at worst. 

Where are the ports which could handle the liquefied natural gas in Europe? Where are enough ships and tankers which could carry all that gas to Europe? And what about the interregnum unless you want your people frozen to death in winter? The Civil Wars which could erupt in your London, Paris, Berlin etc? (After all, the right-wing forces, fed up with the charade of the globalists, are beginning to dominate most of the Old Continent.)  

Then why has EU risen as one against Russia on Ukraine?

Now before you turn glib with the moronic answer — because they uphold human lives, liberty, democracy nonsense—do remind yourself that European Union hasn’t cut off its ties with Russia on energy matters—despite all that lofty grandstanding on Ukraine, humanitarian aid etc. 

When you are held by testes, ideology can go and take a walk. 

Remind yourself if the West really cared for Ukrainian lives, all they need to do is to make sure Ukraine is not militarized and co-opted into NATO. 

That if they had followed the Minsk Agreements of 2015, Ukraine would’ve remained as one, with Crimea, Donbass, Luhansk etc intact and not broken up in parts, more of which would happen in a week or two. 

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. 

So the answer to the question at a baser level—Why EU has then risen against Russia—is because Europe today don’t have an independent foreign policy. 

Its a vassal of the United States which foots most of the bill of its military needs (NATO); is its biggest trading partner etc. 

(And don’t you think that by West I imply its people. By West, I mean a collaboration between the elites of its political, financial, military-industrial complex which decides what you read that you read; what you earn and eat that you earn and eat; how you live and die as you live and die.) 

They are prepared to be led like sheep to abattoir by the United States lest they lose the control of the world that they dominated after the Second World War. 

All that Bretton Woods, the IMF, the World Bank, WHO, WTO, UN which has been shaped in their image would go in a blink unless one of the two—Russia or China is not checkmated. 

For checkmating one is checkmating the other, joined at the hip as the two are at this particular moment of history. 

Ukraine and Taiwan fall perfectly in this plan for neighbourhood of Russia and China which the West keep stoking for trouble in order to show their main rivals as rogues in the civilized comity of nations. 

The next logical progression to this article then is: 

If Russia has so much hold on lives of Europe, why is it not turning the tap off on its coal, gas and oil? 

Much of it has to do with China which has invested almost entire of its political and economic capital on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). 

The BRI is return to Silk Roads of ancient times, it has co-opted some 70 countries for their infrastructural developments, which would integrate the rails and roads and turn Europe and Asia into Eurasia. And lo and behold, some 18 EU nations have signed up with China to partake on its benevolence. 

Russia has its own Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) which has a few neighbours and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) nations and pursues a similar goal in region which earlier fell under the Soviet Union. 

Together, the BRI and EEU could integrate Asia and Europe without which the United States would be nothing but a rustic island, situated some 6,000km nautical miles away. 

Further, if Russia meets fire with fire, given the madness which has gripped West’s elites, who knows it triggers a nuclear war and humanity is crippled forever? 

So how Russia could hit back at its foes? Would it lose face due to its seemingly sloth in Ukraine? Don’t they mind that Russia is now seen as Nazi Germany and Putin as new Hitler in the so-called free world? What if its own people stage a coup against Putin for the hardships entailed by the Sanctions? 

Don’ be mistaken that Russia is sitting on its bum. Behind the scenes, hidden by those who have our ears and eyes, things have moved rapidly. 

You would know all of it in the third and final instalment of this series tomorrow. 

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