Thursday, December 9, 2021



Have some shame when you criticize assets monetization

It saddens me that a few of our politicians and media are willing to sacrifice the national interest for their petty gains.  Rahul Gandhi and...

Soaring petrol prices: Why Indians need to stand with Modi at this hour

Nobody likes rising petrol prices. Me or you, nobody. You could go to town about how it could reduce consumption, increase use of solar...

Indian media on Isa’s visa from now on

Be ready to see from tomorrow our newspapers painted red with India’s “freedom” brigade outraged at the denial of visa to Dolkun Isa. The first...

Russia on the cusp of being a world power

Vladimir Putin has chosen the timing of his intervention in Syria very skillfully. Through his operations in the Middle East, he has the chance...

A financial Pearl Harbour for world economy

This week, People’s Bank of China devalued its national currency yuan to an extent that stock indices fell over 8 percent, and another 7...

COUNTERVIEW II : Dollar-free world is growing

All is not bleak. Our columnist Rhea might see little hope for BRICS Bank. Her view is the reserve currencies which the BRICS are...


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