Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Who is this Khalistani who claims to speak for Sikhs but is silent when girls are raped in Pakistan?

Anyone who knows something about the Sikh community will tell you that 99% of them are proud of their community and country. The sacrifices...

A street called India: Where the Might of the Law is at its nakedest

Did you also read this article and wonder why something similar is not happening in India?  My first step ashore as a seafarer to Singapore...

Times when I faced my own Shaheen Baghs and SC was the Big God

Many decades ago, before Indian Railways became better at moving container traffic on trains and certainly before the advent of Container Corporation of India...

Sikhs, Hindus are fleeing en masse from Afghanistan; But anti-CAAers can’t see their plight

The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protestors have accused the Indian state of discriminating against Muslims. But these synchronized protests have no answer why their...


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