Thursday, June 13, 2024


Hari Singh

Only if New Delhi had paid heed to revealed designs of Pakistan in 1947

Jammu and Kashmir has remained a critical issue before the Indian government ever since independence and creation of Pakistan on August 14/15, 1947. Officially,...

The Last Maharaja: Jammu & Kashmir is only now waking up to his greatness

Amar Mahal, located in Jammu city on the west bank of Tawi river, once a palace, is now a well-known museum, frequented by tourists....

India’s border woes: A legacy of Colonialism, geography and Pakistan

India is shouting from the rooftop it has made no transgressions across its eastern borders in neighbouring Nepal but it has made no difference...

Facts on J & K that never reached you

History, in India, is a strange subject and historians even stranger. The subject is reviled by students who perceive it to be dull and...


Sant Kumar Sharma
Veeresh Malik