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Indian Muslims

Arif Mohammad Khan shuts up Rajdeep Sardesai: Watch

Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan shut up India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai in an interview on Saturday.  Sardesai asked Khan how did he see his identity...

Shah Faesal quits politics, wishes to rejoin administration

Shah Faesal, who rose to prominence first as an IAS select from the Kashmir Valley and later when he took up political cudgels leaving...

Indian Muslims: Rise and find a voice against Jamaat; Win the nation’s trust

Indian Muslims can no longer blame others of Islamophobia if they continue to defend or ignore what has happened in the wake of Tablighi...

Why history won’t forgive Modi if he buckles under now

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi could sense a long road ahead. He is under attack from all corners, both at home and abroad. From...

4 Forces which BJP must confront’”or be ready to lose India they have in mind

Forces which oppose Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would feel they now have a gameplan in the wake of its’ crushing defeat in the Delhi...

With anti-CAA plank gone, Congress faces its worst crisis in half a century

In last 24 hours, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has virtually accused his own party of “orchestrating” the anti-CAA protests. It’s a mortal blow...

Indian Muslims: Look at Congress manifesto to know if they stand by you

Election Commission has now mandated that the manifestos of political parties must be declared 48 hours before voting. (The 2019 General Elections kick off in seven...


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