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ME War expanding for target is Iran

All things point to US attacking Iran in 2024

All things point to the United States attacking Iran in 2024.  Our newspapers, and of course the United States/Israel, are drumming up whatever bad is...

Jaishankar to visit Moscow later this month

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India’s external affairs minister, is planning a trip to Moscow later this month to review bilateral agreements and discuss connectivity initiatives, including...

Putin’s high words for Modi mirror the great man

As the long shadow on the year lengthens, and his third straight term as India’s prime minister beckons, prime minister Narendra Modi has reasons...

Iran knows United States wants war!

The sham “truce” and the Iran Question

This Israel-Hamas “temporary truce” is such a sham.  All it does is to make Israel and the United States appear “generous” and “humanitarian” while still...

Why Palestine doesn’t matter enough to Arab leaders 

History is a mess created by a few…repaid by generations.  This is not the routine usury of principal and interest, debt or credit.  It’s millions of...

Has Israel walked into a Hamas trap? 

It’s ten days since Hamas attacked but Israel hasn’t begun the promised ground invasion of Gaza Strip.  Is it a Hamas trap waiting for Israel...

It was Israel which had helped create Hamas!

What if India buys Saudi oil in rupees?


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