Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Nanavati Commission

Why this anti-Muslim propaganda against Modi is such a lie

How much anti-Muslim prime minister Narendra Modi is? This is a narrative which Left-Liberals and their lackey Lutyens Media has embedded in nation’s psyche despite...

How long we the citizens be fooled by Committees or CBI inquiry?

How long you the citizens of India would be fooled by the constitution of a committee, SIT or a CBI inquiry? We have all cheered...

Abuses: Modi doubts if media would ever highlight it

Narendra Modi may have listed a few “showers of love” which Congress and its leaders have bestowed on him before and since he became...

Lynchings: Activism or populism by Supreme Court?

Supreme Court wants new laws against lynchings. It warns of “mobocracy” which could eat away the vitals of a free, just society. What it...


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