Sunday, July 3, 2022



Who is intolerant? Those who read many books or those who read just one book?

The first time I was exposed to global intolerance was when fellow seafarers from certain religions were not allowed into their own Houses of...

Hafta and Monthly in Mumbai: A city where a hotel could come up on a bridge

Nobody gave any hafta, therefore nobody received any hafta, and the goat screamed the loudest before being slaughtered. Luckily for all, Telgi died without what...

The façade of restoring Art. 370 masks the Business of Opium: Bravo, Kashmiri dynasts

(Far too many men have died "protecting" Kashmir, from where the primary crop was not apples or saffron. Many were from my friends and...

Meet Ahmed Patel Jr, a success story like few and needs be told to gaping mouths

Faisal Patel, son of the late Ahmed Patel, self-describes himself as "Faisal Patel, Exponential Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Value Investor-Synergies in Healthcare, Education and Technology" on...


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