Anti-Modi bent is a serious disease: Read and identify if you have one

Newsbred Staff

14th June 2021
It’s a cute wrap-up of how India’s deplorable Opposition and Lutyens Media conducted itself in the last two months when the Covid-19’s second wave was...

So now we know what would be the new variant of anti-Modi propaganda

Ashish Shukla

11th June 2021
I had wondered aloud how the anti-Modi brigade would plan its next move after the Centre took their wind out by taking over the vaccination drive in the country.  ...

Opposition lifts its candidates to Jaipur for fear of “poaching” in Assam

Newsbred Staff

9th April 2021
No less than 22 candidates of the Opposition alliance in Assam have been flown to Jaipur and put up in a hotel for “safekeeping”, according to NDTV. 

“They don’t even know what they want”: Hema says farmers being misled

Newsbred Staff

13th January 2021
Actor and member of. Parliament, Hema Malini has slammed the Opposition for misleading the protesting farmers. 

Gung-ho! Farmers’ solution at last: And guess who has it?

Ashish Shukla

25th December 2020
You and I are ordinary citizens of India. We are not distressed farmers, don’t have life-cards of Congress, Left or all those regional parties which are punching...

Opposition in conspiracy to mislead the farmers: Modi

Newsbred Staff

15th December 2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday criticized the opposition for its attempts to mislead the farmers over three farm laws passed by his government in September....

I mean what’s your problem with “free” vaccine? Taking apart the charges, one by one

Ashish Shukla

23rd October 2020
All hell has broken loose. For the BJP is promising free vaccination to Biharis ahead of the elections. All muck-rakers usually in such situations are found in Indian...

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