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Finland in NATO: Welcome to the thieves’ kitchen

Finland joins NATO.  Jens Stoltenberg of NATO says Sweden would join soon too.  That would make NATO 32-nation strong.  In case, it’s just a number to you,...

China-Russia-Iran would be more in the eye of West—and so could be India

Below could be a help in what you did and what you didn’t read from the SCO Summit in Samarkand (September 15-16, 2022) this...

Putin holds all the aces in a proxy war, gone horribly wrong for West

West is forced to negotiate with Russia after three months of latter’s intervention in Ukraine to get rid of Ukronazis and creeping NATO’s footsteps...

Beat it: Russia’s Rubles is best-performing currency!

Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Monday asserted that despite the sanctions coordinated by the West against his country, Russian economy "will remain open" in the new...

US finds India “disappointing” on Rusia; Lavrov due today

The U.S. and Australia criticized India for considering a Russian proposal that would undermine sanctions imposed by America and its allies, showing a deepening...

Ukraine could be carved up along the Dnieper River

(The first and second part of this three-part series could be read here and here.) How things move on from here?  For one, Ukraine is going...


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