Saturday, December 4, 2021



‘So any Tom, Dick and Harry can write anything?’ Delhi HC to ‘ardent Rahul Gandhi fan’

The Delhi High Court came down heavily on freelance journalist and ardent Rahul Gandhi fan Saket Gokhale over his tweets questioning the source of...

8 EU nations exempt Covishield for travel as an approved vaccine

Eight European states — Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Iceland, Spain, and Switzerland have included Covishield on their list of approved vaccines will be exempted...

Puri’s wife, Lakshmi, in no mood to spare Congress activist for libellous tweets

Former Assistant Secretary-General at the United Nations and Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri’s wife Lakshmi M Puri has served a legal notice asking Congress...

Why is India exporting vaccines? Why World and not India First?

All those who swoon on West pay attention. Think before you praise their leaders and their moral compass. That seductive LivesFirst or #BlackLivesMatter which...

Coal mafia: Shouldn’t somebody in West Bengal owe responsibility?

Bengal’s super fugitive coal dealers, Anup Majhi — Lala to his friends — and his deputy Joydeb Mondal, have been interrogated by a host of investigating...

Is Covid-19 letting up out of deference to our Festivals? Or the worst is over?

I sought out Deepak last morning. I hadn’t met him for long, at least since my daughters still used to hold my hand and...


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