Monday, September 25, 2023


the Philippines

The other “Ukraines” which are unfolding to humanity’s misfortune

Let’s say the United States would never be happy if China and Russia gain ground in Eurasia which is the lifeline for Washington.  All the...

India’s BrahMos would now help Philippines’ massive defence strategy

The Philippines has decided  to go ahead with a  planned acquisition of the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missiles, BrahMos, from India that  would sharpen the...

Why Singaporeans are beginning to hate Indians? Is Lee’s prophecy coming true?

Singaporean social media has discovered a new villain: The India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), a free trade agreement signed between the two nations...

Reuters and other lies on South China Sea

There has been a concerted campaign to depict the South China Sea as an indispensable artery for commercial shipping and, therefore, a justifiable object...

US ignores facts in South China Sea disputes

Speaking at the 5th South China Sea Conference at CSIS in Washington DC on July 21, the US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia...


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