India could take heart from success of Russia’s vaccine; own trials soon

Newsbred Staff

25th September 2020
Russia’s Coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, has now drawn praise from the World Health Organization (WHO). India, which has a deal through Dr. Reddy’s...

Who saves South Asia—or its political leaders-- from Corona’s deadly grip?

Bhumika Arora

23th September 2020
South Asia is home to over 1.8 billion people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. The COVID-19 outbreak in Southeast Asia is worsening, with rising cases across key...

“Coronavirus is a Wuhan Virus,” claims an insider virologist

Deepika Anjna

13th September 2020
Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist has claimed that she can prove that Coronavirus was manufactured in a lab, and before this, she had also claimed that WHO and China were...

US pulls out of Corona vaccine project as it can’t stand WHO

Deepika Anjna

2nd September 2020
The Trump administration has refused to participate in the global efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine because the World Health Organization (WHO) is involved.

How to be sure if your fever or body pain is a sign of Coronavirus or not? Here’s the order

Bhumika Arora

16th August 2020
We are in the second half of the Coronavirus year of 2020 and extremely worried — unsure if a cough with my daughter, feverish parents and my vomiting spouse is a...

Indian Express does a PTI on Chinese ambassador; why be lenient with one and punish the other?

Ashish Shukla

14th August 2020
If Press Trust of India (PTI) can fall foul of Modi government for publishing an interview of Sun Weidong, Chinese ambassador to India, who had blamed India for present...

A muscular India gives its army a “free hand” to knock sense in China

Ashish Shukla

17th June 2020
It would be a grave misjudgement to believe that China has walked over India in a physical showdown in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday.

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