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Pulwama Attack: Sadly, India can’t resort to “water war”

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Indus Water Treaty can't be abrogated

The dastardly Pulwama attack has again led to talks of India abrogating the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 and wage a “water war” against Pakistan to bring it to

Farming now a “civilizational crisis” in India

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Rural India in deep distress

With over 800 million people, rural India is arguably the most interesting and complex place on the planet.

MSM Fake News Monitor: Indian Express on PM’s EAC

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Indian Express Fake News: Spot the difference

Till a few years ago, it was quite a fun to “spot the difference” between two almost identical images.

Who are the Masters of Mankind?

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Chomsky: Putting his mind to the matter

Adam Smith talked of “Masters of Mankind” in the 18th century. Do such tribes still rule the world or the power has shifted hands?

Dollar-free world gathers wind

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Dollars and American wars are interlinked

Three significant moves in the first fortnight of 2016 signal a drive to end dollar hegemony and usher in a multi-polar world.

COUNTERVIEW I : BRICS Bank will only help dollars

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The BRICS family bonhomie: Don't believe the economic hot gas yet

Leaders of half of world's humanity and 30 percent of its GDP are in Ufa, Russia for BRICS and SCO Summits. NewsBred brings views and counterviews on this "tectonic shift" taking place--a first in 500 years.