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Congress Manifesto release: Rahul Gandhi repeats “Rs 15-lakh” lie

It’s almost sickening that anti-Modi brigade drums up the fake charge of Prime Minister Narendra Modi promising Rs 15 lakhs to each citizen of the country before the 2014 General Elections five years ago.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi while releasing his party’s manifesto for the 2019 General Elections on Tuesday repeated the charge which he had raked up in a rally in Yamunanagar Haryana, four days ago.

Given the way the Congress president and his party’s young and old leaders have repeated the fake charge in the last few days, it seems the Rs 15 lakh-promise-to-each-citizen would be repeated ad nauseam in this election season.

Before we produce the exact video clip of Narendra Modi’s speech to nail the lie, let’s see what Rahul Gandhi and his choir boys have said in the last few days.

While speaking at an election rally in  Yamunanagar, Rahul Gandhi said, ”I watched Modiji’s bhashan where he shouted ‘15-lacs..15 lacs’ twice or thrice…should be transferred to every Indian’s account. Modiji told you a lie. I don’t tell lies.”

Congress’ senior leader Ghumal Nabi Azad followed the party lines while addressing a  rally at Muradnagar, UP on Monday.  “15 lacs is a legal money. The PM had promised to deposit 15 lacs in everyone’s account and bring back black money” said Azad, urging the crowd to demand the money from PM Modi.

BJP defector Kirti Azad was being too wise by half as he slyly tweeted: “Please do not post long April fool messages, just write “15 lacs” we will understand instantly.

Indeed this has been the refrain of the likes of Sitaram Yechury (CPIM), Akhilesh Yadav (SP), Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal etc without a trace of embarrassment on their lies. 

Now this is exactly what Modi said during one of his speeches during the 2014 General Elections. Listen to it and judge it for yourself. Modi spoke about the extent of black money in foreign banks, so much so that if all of it was recovered, it would be worth Rs 15 lakhs in each bank account. It was a simile which he followed up with a similar analogy on railway lines. “If all black money is recovered, railway lines would come all across the country,” Modi had said.

Anybody may dare to ask Rahul Gandhi and Azad how in the first place the money took the flight abroad, which they are instigating the public to demand it back from PM Modi.

This whole campaign of misinformation about claim of bringing 15  lacs back from foreign coffers and transferring to every Indians’ account by PM is a part of well calibrated and orchestrated plan by the vested interests to undermine the achievements of this government. As Congress or for that matter any other politician or any leftist intellectual have been unable to ‘unearth’ any documented proof of Modi declaring to bring back black money and transfer to the account holders account, the anti-Modi forces seem to be hell-bent on maligning the government on whatever the non-existential plank they ‘discover’, be it ‘15 lacs diatribe or proof of surgical strikes or the economic growth figures.

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