Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Media’s delirium on US visit isn’t fooling Modi

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States is making Indian media wet their pants. 

The two leaders, I am sure, know better. 

Both need each other which is not to say both are friends. 

The United States badly needs India as a prop against China which is well on its way to free the world from the fake currency that dollar is; not to say the West Asia which was the playground of the Hegemon not too long ago but is today spurned by even its closest ally like Saudi Arabia which is chumming with Iran, an absolute pariah to the United States. 

Modi needs the US for the health of India economy, not to say his own well-being as 2024 General Elections beckons.

By now it’s well known that “Having-US-as-enemy-is-dangerous; but-to-have-them-as-friend-is-absolutely-fatal(Henry Kissinger)”. India is presently playing the ball for good reason while US is acting coy, much like a wolf which is on its best manners before it pounces on its prey. 

The United States is an old hand in uprooting regimes not to its liking and there are countless such examples in Africa, Latin America, Asia and West Asia. It does so by propping subversive elements in the society and its institutions — media, judiciary, bureaucracy, political parties etc—and uses the bogey of “democracy” and “freedom” to fund NGOs and even militants who pose as members of civil society. 

Modi is nobody’s fool and knows this game well. The anarchy stoked on the matter of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and on Farm Bills, the “toolkits” to spread unrest are too recent to be forgotten in a hurry. 

Thus while Biden hopes that US’ largesse in letting Modi sail his boat on choppy Indian waters would earn the Indian leader’s gratitude enough to go cold on Russia and China; Modi doesn’t mind to play the ball for the economic and technological benefits, not to say to ensure Indian roads are unrest free. 

Yet the US is hoping against hope that India would abandon Russia. That it would not bail out Moscow through energy trade which the West had hoped would cripple Russia and bring Vladimir Putin on his knees. 

Instead, Russia has almost flourished and what it lost out in European markets, it has more than made up for it in Asia, largely with China and India. Indeed Europe still can’t have enough of Russian oil, routed through India in a refined form. 

So much so for the economic sanctions. 

There is little doubt when push comes to shove, India won’t abandon the emerging multipolarity of the world to be a vassal of the United States. Those whom the Hegemon call friends are no better than servile or vassal nations without any free will as we see in the instance of Germany, Japan etc. 

India, with its new-found confidence and nationalistic wind sweeping across its vast landmass, isn’t the one to do the US bidding.

Nationalist forces are prime enemies of globalists and its given India won’t be treated any differently. 

India knows how the United States abandoned it when it changed tack on Afghanistan despite years of investment India had done in helping Kabul regimes, in essence props of the United States.

It has seen how George Soros and his embedded bodies are working overtime to undermine the Modi regime.

It has seen how the US Congress runs the agenda of democracy-in-danger-under-Modi every fall.

It knows how the puppet Western Media spreads the canard against Modi at the behest of its globalist masters everyday.

It knows how the “champions of democracy” run its inhuman camps such as in Guantanamo and how “free” is the press in the instance of Edward Snowden.

This is the Hegemon which is outraged at the “unprovoked aggression” of Russia in Ukraine but helps the likes of Rwanda to break up Congo in Africa, urging a “political solution” instead. Thus what is an aggression in one instance, becomes a political view point with the other. And how about the Hegemon still occupying one-third of Syria? And yet point fingers on Russia over the “territorial sovereignty” of Ukraine!

The Ukraine matter won’t last forever. When it ends, the world would be a changed place says Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. It indeed would be a new world given how even well-known US allies are lining up to join the BRICS and SCO, the two bodies which are chipping away at dollar and the unipolar world every minute, and where India is a prime mover. 

We are at the cusp of a new world order. The change is inevitable; only how much it would cost the humanity is not known. A hug here, a chant there; a deal here, a largesse there; is unlikely to fool Modi into acting against India or the humanity’s interests. The ball would drop when the US would force trouble in Indo-Pacific and pressure India to be on its side. But Modi’s India knows better: It won’t fight the colonialists’ wars, like it did in the two World Wars—and lost thousands of its unknown, unremembered, unfeted soldiers—because its then leaders moved only in the matrix that the masters’ permitted them. 

As for the delirium of Indian media on Modi’s visit to the US, well by now you ought to know who’s bidding do they do. So much so that even the man (Modi) whom they hate, suddenly is an apple to their eyes.  

But they are fooling none, least of all Modi.

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