Sunday, July 3, 2022


Bibek Debroy

Adi Shankaracharya: The Greatest Indian Ever We Know So Little About

(Dr Bibek Derby, chairman of the Economic Advisory Council-PM, is a scholar like few are. Here he is in conversation with Pavan Varma, a...

Hafta and Monthly in Mumbai: A city where a hotel could come up on a bridge

Nobody gave any hafta, therefore nobody received any hafta, and the goat screamed the loudest before being slaughtered. Luckily for all, Telgi died without what...

One Nation, One Poll: Why Maya, Akhilesh or Owaisi dread it

If you were to ask the majority of this country if they want “One Nation, One Poll” the answer would be an overwhelming yes. People...

How to break the back of India’s Left-wing ecosystem

(This article is nearly three years old but remains acutely relevant. NewsBred publishes it with gratitude to LiveMint and its’ author Rajeev Mantri, who is a...


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