Wednesday, October 4, 2023



Could it be this Mahatma Gandhi we Indians don’t know?

It always troubled me how a global empire so ruthlessly built as the British did, bowed to the moral powers of Mahatma Gandhi. I...

Sorry Boris Johnson, we can’t let you come for India’s Republic Day celebrations

There is a reason why United Kingdom’s prime minister Boris Johnson shouldn’t be allowed to visit India for the Republic Day celebrations. While the Indian...

India’s border woes: A legacy of Colonialism, geography and Pakistan

India is shouting from the rooftop it has made no transgressions across its eastern borders in neighbouring Nepal but it has made no difference...

Modi could lose Hindu votes and here’s why!

In an old Bollywood flick which starred my favourite actor Dilip Kumar, there’s a scene towards the end: Shankar (Dilip Kumar), hitherto penniless but...

Why has West shunned China’s WW II parade?

It’s a big day in China today, the most anticipated military event of the year. It would feature 12,000 soldiers, almost 200 aircraft and...


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