Gentlemen, what are you doing about water, if I may ask?

Ashish Shukla

10th August 2021
About a decade ago, with the guidance of a friend who is also one of the best brains in the country on pragmatic bio-diversity, co-existence and survival by adaptation,...

G7 and it’s lightweight punches at China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)


14th June 2021
G7 in Cornwall at first might be seen as the quirky encounter of “America is Back” with “Global Britain”.

For God’s sake, we don’t need pink-ball Tests: Where’s the logic?

Ravi Kant Singh

1st March 2021
The day-night cricket Test between England and India wrapped up in little over five sessions of play at Ahmedabad, giving people the opportunity to take pot-shots at the...

India-China: Disengaging on one land; squaring up on another

Bhumika Arora

19th February 2021
The Indian government has recently unveiled a draft Arctic policy. It envisages India’s engagement in the Arctic region for climate research, environmental...

2020: China afflicted the world but dare anyone blame Beijing for Covid-19

Sant Kumar Sharma

31st December 2020
The year 2020 had the world cursing Coronavirus and in essence the one who afflicted humanity: China. Indeed, the pandemic had been set in motion in 2019 itself, hence...

A tale of two foot: One in India wants zero laws; The other in Canada would question no law

Veeresh Malik

9th December 2020
Driving around in Punjab and being of Punjabi descent with an exposure to the various Punjab Extensions I, II & III all over the world (Canada, US West Coast and...

What does China really gain by fighting its neighbours? A lot it seems

Ashish Shukla

23rd November 2020
No country has more land or maritime borders than China has. It has 14 neighbours around its’ 22,000 km land borders. In South China Sea, there are six (Vietnam,...

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