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There is no such thing as Right Wing in India: But Wokes won’t listen!

( Bhavesh Kansara and Aravindan Neelakandan are the kind of persons Indians should know a lot more about though the two prefer to be...

Ever wondered the damage our Education is doing to India? Find out!

(TV Mohandas Pai, a Padma Shri Awardee, a former director of Infosys, current chairman of Manipal Global Education and Aravindan Neelakandan, co-author of best-selling...

A history as it was: Unlike the coloured ones of Marxists

If little knowledge is dangerous, too much knowledge is fatal. We Indians are often blamed that we do not care about our rich history,...

Times of India has done a disservice to Bhagat Singh’s memory

Bhagat Singh is a hero to all Indians. The man made sure he was caught and hanged to death in 1931 in the hope...

Harappa ‘couple’: What does Indian Express mean by ‘aunt and her nephew’?

Piddi, my pet, was livid. He had got hold of Friday’s Indian Express (January 11, 2019). I try to keep the newspaper off his...

Express on JNU: Devil quoting from the scriptures

If you are an Indian Express reader you have just been told: you are the dumbest, stupidest, bumpkin, buffoon, idiot, thick-headed, retarded, imbecile reader...


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