Friday, May 27, 2022



Stubble-burning: Why it’s an issue which has defied solution?

Why everyone is so helpless on stubble-burning which engulfs Delhi with its murderous air every winter?  I have chosen the word murderous with some responsibility...

As prepaid media doubles down on RCEP, they of course won’t listen to Jaishankar

I have long been suspicious of edits which are passionately pushed in the best of English. Much like that bank clerk who is pushing...

Walmart could invest $25 billion in Tata Group’s ‘Super App’

Walmart could invest up to $25 billion in Tata Group’s new “Super App”, it was reported in the Mint recently. The Super App could be...

In case of war, would US rush to India’s defence?

Behind their pandemic-induced masks, Indians have a floating question on their lips: What if China was to pour into India and spank us like...

Is it really ‘poor’ who are queued outside banks?

Opposition parties and media have cried themselves hoarse that poor are suffering and dying by standing in queues outside banks after the demonetization was...


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