Wednesday, May 31, 2023



Discovering Bharat: Fuel prices don’t matter in certain mountains

There are train journeys that you know will begin and end well when the young cab driver early in the morning is Shravan Kumar....

Chukh Chukh, chakh chakh, Delhi se Bengaluru tak: Train-ing India we don’t see

Riding a train through rural India during the monsoons is a feast for the eyes and a huge learning curve for those people whose...

Ahmed Patel and his links to the 12th Road, the most important one in The Game

Here in India, we say good things about anybody and everybody who passes on to the next world, and there is no exception on...

Hathras: How mainstream media is missing wood for tree; Why Kalpana Chawla is a clue

To some extent, the movie BANDIT QUEEN directed by the recently appointed Head of the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, tells you...


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