Sunday, December 5, 2021


New York Post

‘Vultures’ who pass off as journalists, feeding on our tragedy

India is suffering from extremely tough times. There are scuffles for hospital beds and oxygen. Black-marketers are harvesting deaths. Our front-line workers, medical staff...

India could do little against Twitter, posturing besides

The Modi government is looking Twitter squarely in the eyes: You are defying us, the laws of the land and there could be a...

Twitter ‘flags’ Amit Malviya who busted fake tweet of Rahul Gandhi! Weird

Twitter, which appears to be so eager on its new fact-check feature, is receiving a lot of criticism from its users for bringing it...

‘Joe Biden is bad for India’¦soft on China,’ thunders Donald Trump Jr

The United States President Donald Trump’s son claimed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will not be good for India as he could be soft...


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