Sunday, June 23, 2024


North East

UK bets on EV sector in North East: The future is here

Nick Low, British Deputy High Commissioner to East and North East India, during a virtual summit hoped, “North East India can blaze a trail...

Badruddin, riding on Congress, and becoming CM, is Assam’s nightmare

Badruddin Ajmal, the three times Lok Sabha MP from Dhubri in Assam, has clearly emerged as Owaisi of the North East. Just as Asaduddin...

Supreme Court, almost overnight, is less intimidating

Law is not for lawyers. Law is not for the government.  Law is not for some people, somewhere or the rich.  Law is for everyone.  I read this...

Punjab’s farmers are doing better elsewhere than in own State: Any idea, Sirji?

Once again, like last winter, a major arterial road into and out of Delhi is blocked. This time by farmers from nearby, who first...

Talks with China would lead nowhere; war is a real deal India must factor in

India has not been able to resolve, to its satisfaction, the issues pertaining to aggressions into some areas of Ladakh on our eastern frontier...


Sant Kumar Sharma
Veeresh Malik