Friday, October 22, 2021


Sanjeev Sanyal

But then Sanyal, how do we keep 21st Century issues firmly in our gaze?

Sanjeev Sanyal posted a twitter thread on Saturday where he implored discussions on the 21st Century issues rather than being mired in historical characters...

India’s Left knows little of our heritage

(This is a piece by venerable David Frawley which has appeared in Swarajya magazine and which we share with due gratitude and acknowledgment) By David Frawley India has...

How to break the back of India’s Left-wing ecosystem

(This article is nearly three years old but remains acutely relevant. NewsBred publishes it with gratitude to LiveMint and its’ author Rajeev Mantri, who is a...

India’s “Second Independence”: the real deal

We are entering into a stretch of political landscape which could simply be termed as the “Second Independence” of India in coming years. The BJP...

Nehru and ‘Ashoka Not So Great’

NewsBred publishes an extract from “The Ocean of Churn” by Sanjeev Sanyal, released last month, which turns upside down the legacy of “Ashoka the...


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