Friday, October 22, 2021



New Delhi calling Tehran: An Afghanistan both can’t afford to lose to Pakistan

Imagine you have a dispute in neighbourhood. But the mediation is brokered by the colony next. Worse, it listens to one neighbour and ignores...

China moves to turn Iran into a client-state; stakes up for India

India would watch with concern a blood-pact in the making between China and Iran which could mean trouble both at home and abroad. China put...

Indian Muslims, next time you hold aloft anti-CAA banner, remember this for your own good

I guess there is little avoiding the anti-CAA protests once Corona pandemic goes as unannounced as it came in 2020. A Shaheen Bagh here, a...

India counts its eggs while Corona hatches its killer plan: Who blinks first?

(The figures in this piece were valid till early Monday). India mutated into 36 new Indias on Sunday. All the 29 states and 7 union...

India firm even as US act bully on Iran matter

United States wants India to cut down its oil imports from Iran which stands as its third biggest supplier after Iraq and Saudi Arabia. President Donald...

Saudis have set off a time bomb in India too

Saudi Arabia and its cohorts breaking off diplomatic ties with Iran is pure madness and has slid the Middle East closer to a devastating...


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