China plans dam on Brahmaputra river; India has cause for worry

Newsbred Staff

30th November 2020
China plans to build a major hydropower project on Brahmaputra river in Tibet causing anxieties in lower riparian India as also Bangladesh. However, the Chinese...

The façade of restoring Art. 370 masks the Business of Opium: Bravo, Kashmiri dynasts

Veeresh Malik

28th November 2020
The biggest change that the abolition of Article 370 has brought about is that the State Border for Kashmir now ends before the roads from Kashmir enter the plains and...

China thickens the plot as soldiers brace up for bleak winter on icy heights

Sant Kumar Sharma

10th November 2020
Eight rounds of talks later, Indian and Chinese forces appear to be no closer to backing off in Ladakh from their entrenched positions then they were after the first...

Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics trends as Xi draws parallel with Hitler

Deepika Anjna

26th October 2020
The summer Olympics of 1936 were hosted by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler and that is still believed to be the grossest move of self-promotion through an International...

Remember 5 who went missing in Ladakh? There is more to it than meets the eye

Newsbred Staff

6th October 2020
All of us remember five men from Arunachal Pradesh who went missing last month and were handed over by China after 10 days of detention.

Madhav’s presence at funeral of Tibetan soldier shows India means business

Bhumika Arora

7th September 2020
In what could be taken as a direct message of the Indian government to China, Bharatiya Janata Party’s general secretary and top leader, Ram Madhav attended the...

Why China is fighting the world? What’s the method behind this madness?

Ashish Shukla

21st July 2020
Why is China so reckless, why it doesn’t mind that the world is beginning to array itself against Beijing politically, economically and militarily?

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