Monday, June 27, 2022



Western Media: Modi’s new India has learnt to ignore the barking dogs

Who’s afraid of Western media? Certainly not Modi’s India. The telltale signs of recent times convey a stunning departure from India of old when...

Swarajyamag, OpIndia: Who are their counterparts in world?

First, the bitter truth. You are fed lies by the mainstream media. They told you Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). They lied you about reasons...

Pehlu Khan, a cow-smuggler: Indian Express, enough is enough

Indian Express can’t expect its readers—and I am one—to be polite any longer. The newspaper is telling lies, promoting communal divide and Hinduphobia for...

Left is over; let a thousand lotus bloom

BJP has swallowed Left in West Bengal which is a significant tide in the history of the state and the nation. With Kerala gone too,...

Hindus first lose lives; and then the narrative

Every Independence Day fills me with sadness and anger. For the day next is August 16, albeit of 1946, when the Muslim League government...


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