Why this anti-Muslim propaganda against Modi is such a lie

Ashish Shukla

1st September 2021
This is a narrative which Left-Liberals and their lackey Lutyens Media has embedded in nation’s psyche despite evidence to the contrary. The country appears...

Do You Know: Our century-old Parliament has wire meshes to prevent chunks from ceiling falling on to our MPs heads


15th June 2021
The artist Anish Kapoor’s piece in The Guardian, dated June 4, (“Modi’s bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban”),...

Ken-Betwa Link could be a harbinger of solution to India’s water woes

Newsbred Staff

28th March 2021
Ken-Betwa Link project is in news but not enough and hence it needs elaboration. 

Lol! Kashyap allegedly had his account sealed under UPA too: No outrage then by Liberals

Newsbred Staff

5th March 2021
Congress, Liberals and Opposition are up in arms against the Modi government after Income Tax raids were conducted on film-maker Anurag Kashyap and actress Taapsee Pannu,...

Badruddin, riding on Congress, and becoming CM, is Assam’s nightmare

Sant Kumar Sharma

6th February 2021
Badruddin Ajmal, the three times Lok Sabha MP from Dhubri in Assam, has clearly emerged as Owaisi of the North East. Just as Asaduddin Owaisi of All India Muslim...

Miya Culture in Assam: And how its’ eating into the vitals of Assamese society

Sant Kumar Sharma

29th January 2021
A poem, Write Down 'I am a Miyah', by Hafiz Ahmed, a Miya scholar himself, helps us understand the "Miya culture" that we need to pay attention to. If we want to have...

Suvendu Adhikari interview: “Our manifesto will be our trump-card”

Shantanu Guha Ray

28th January 2021
West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress is now calling Suvendu Adhikari—once TMC’s biggest amigo—a dangerous desperado because of his...

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