Dear Mai-Baap Sarkar: #ShowMeTheData

Veeresh Malik

5th June 2021
The last few months have been very turbulent, the last few days even more so, and I therefore try to make a short, quick article on some of the questions I have been...

Where is Navneet Kalra? Would citizens ever get answers to these simple questions?

Ashish Shukla

13th May 2021
I represent ordinary Indians who have struggled for oxygen concentrators in this calamity and were disgusted that over 500 such devices were “recovered” from...

What Delhi HC said on Kejriwal govt. and you didn't read in Lutyens Media

Newsbred Staff

12th May 2021
Since everyday we are reading in Lutyens Media some or other Court intervention pulling up Centre, NewsBred thinks a few observations must also be delivered to readers...

Bengal is sloshing in unaccounted money: Why media is ignoring the obvious

Ashish Shukla

16th January 2021
I don’t blame you if you haven’t come across news on Income Tax raiding wholesale traders of fruits, among others, in Kolkata and unearthing...

The State can’t enforce firecrackers ban on Deepawali. Period

Ashish Shukla

15th November 2020
Firecrackers were burst with vengeance not just in Delhi NCR last night. The story is true everywhere. People have drawn a line in the sand against State, judiciary or...

India’s tragedy: Mughals and European colonialists alike bayed for our blood

Veeresh Malik

27th September 2020
The core philosophy of the Mongols, Mughals and then the European Colonials was simple - surrender and convert, or die. Everything else was so much public relations and...

Block roads, rails, ships, whatever: Indian farmers can’t be held to slavery anymore

Veeresh Malik

26th September 2020
What has been the hallmark of conflicts globally, but especially after the Second World War, when two major changes happened? Simple - grabbing natural resources so that...

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