Friday, May 27, 2022


Western media

In looking to float an Indian-BBC, Modi could have his finest hour yet

It would appear that the Modi government has realized that the crisis in journalism is crisis in Indian democracy.  Thus it has plans for international public...

Vulture journalism of Western media is reserved for distant lands

When reporting on any mass tragedy, a basic rule of journalism is to be sensitive to the victims and those who are grieving. Western...

Why history won’t forgive Modi if he buckles under now

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi could sense a long road ahead. He is under attack from all corners, both at home and abroad. From...

Western Media is trash: Here’s the proof you always wanted

(This is a reprint from It’s a bad time to read Indian or Western media or perhaps there would never be a better time...

Lessons to learn from the coup in Bolivia

  (A brilliant piece in Moon of Alabama is reproduced here with gratitude as it holds lessons for India’s democracy and gives the readers an...


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