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Why Imran sees Modi as best bet for Kashmir Accord

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan backing Narendra Modi in forthcoming Lok Sabha polls may have caused a storm in India’s political circles but its reasons are not far to seek.

Khan’s logic that a weak government in Centre is unlikely to carry out an accord in Kashmir is irrefutable—a stronger government in contrast stands a better chance in solving the knotty problem.

Still, Imran Khan’s comments took everyone by surprise for he had lashed out at Modi in September last year by terming him a “small man” and a “person lacking vision.”

Imran Khan, while talking to a group of foreign journalists, told  that Congress Party would be on a sticky wicket to deal with Pakistan fearing a backlash at home. He feared that if Congress led government assumes office in New Delhi, the peace talks with Islamabad would be difficult as they could face a right wing backlash.

The winds of ‘Modi Wave’ blowing all-across India, must have crossed Radcliffe line, compelling Imran Khan to realize the foregone conclusion. He said: “There are two Narendra Modis. One before the elections and one after the elections.” The comment may be viewed as a self belief or an illusion where Imran Khan feels that Modi will lower India’s guards and sit for talks with Pakistan, without any pre-conditions of action against Pakistan-based terror outfits.

Notwithstanding Imran Khan’s comments about Modi such as a small man holding big post, Imran Khan follows the footsteps of Modi. The political pundits in Pakistan may deny this vehemently, but Imran’s Tehreek e Insaf  party started ‘Clean and Green Pakistan”, trulu copying Modi’s Swacch Bharat Yojana. As per news report published in one of the Pakistan’s top newspaper, ‘The Dawn, dated April 10, 2019, using and littering of plastic bags is punishable in Peshawar and its North-West province. The scheme is supported by civil defense volunteers, students, teachers etc.

Modi’s footprints can be found in “Sehat Insaf Card’, where a free insurance scheme can be extended to 80 million people and 150 hospitals, both private and public, have been linked to the scheme. The scheme clearly seems ‘inspired’ by Atal Pension Yojana and Ayushman Bharat Yojana. 

Influence of Modi can be traced in Pakistani media also. The 2019 Election Manifesto is keenly discussed and debated various TV channels in Pakistan and its promise to provide pension to farmers and small retailers are the highlighted in those discussions.  Infusing Rs 100 lakh crores into economy is another salient feature of Manifesto which evoked interesting responses in Pakistan media.

Though Imran declared that his government has started dismantling the terror network, 200 madrassas have been identified having extremist links and all the charitable hospitals run by religious and terror groups would be taken over, while denying simultaneously that it is being done as per consensus in Pakistan and not under Indian pressure, the trust deficit between the two countries is too deep a chasm to be crossed by these empty and unconvincing actions.



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