Monday, June 27, 2022


George Orwell

How come we are more confused in “Information Age” than ever?

It is strange that in this "Information Age" we are more confused than ever. In the past it was generally believed, and not without reason,...

Shashi Tharoor’s book is clinically dissected by J Sai Deepak

100 years of CCP: But why is the harp being pushed back to 120 years?

History was generally thought to be important for governance because it offered lessons, insights, and analogies that a country’s leaders could use to guide...

Diwali and the absurd criminalizing of a civilization: Back to George Orwell’s dystopia in India

Air quality in Delhi at the quietest time - dawn--is like this, on the day before Diwali (see image below). And a complete civilisation,...

Times of India has done a disservice to Bhagat Singh’s memory

Bhagat Singh is a hero to all Indians. The man made sure he was caught and hanged to death in 1931 in the hope...

Swarajyamag, OpIndia: Who are their counterparts in world?

First, the bitter truth. You are fed lies by the mainstream media. They told you Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). They lied you about reasons...

Kashmir: Ask your Barkhas and Rajdeeps

I sincerely believe we would never know the forces of our world till we read “Animal Farm” from George Orwell. It tells you that...


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